I've heard about your love-story.

About War, about Peace

About gentlemen and glory,

About chocolate and twist!


About Royal Architecture,

About marketrs on the streets,

About voices in wild nature,

About ocean of tears...


What could I do with you, romantic?

Without pounds for your dreams?

Where is your home? Where is your Lady?

The road is your home between...


Between two tragedies in Roma,

Between two little drama things,

between the tongue and ache of stomach,

between the luckiness and the risk!


I wanna be your dancing Lady,

I dance with moonlight in the rain

There will be song of London Dandy

And Moscow princess in the train!


Let's show, let's show

The fest of snow,

My little doll. my little doll!


Autumn winds begins so brightly and so strongly,

The last leaf goes down on the road,,,

Forest goes to bed, O, don't you

Want to see me dancing with you? Draw

Me picture of October evening!

Golden flowers, golden Moscow snow

I am singing opera with Kipling,

I am playing Mozart with my John (Lennon)!